Monitoring Software for iPhone 5 Now Available with New JailBreakThere is great news in the tech world for many awaiting parents, they can now monitor kids on their iPhone 5 as well. The latest iPhone 5 and iOS 6 devices have gotten its long awaited jailbreak, so get ready to install Mobile Spy, the most cogent iPhone spy app in the mobile monitoring software industry. The Mobile Spy software is being used by many well informed parents as a tool that helps them in effective parenting.

Due to constant surfing on the web and texting, teens and young kids have shown signs of over sharing and sex-ting with strangers or friends on their newly beloved iPhone 5. They become friends with people they find online and in no time forget that a while ago the person was a total stranger. This quick trust in others is often disappointing later as our kids may be fooled into a friendly relationship by pedophiles, cyber bullies, internet trolls and predators.

With the jailbreak now possible for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 devices, parents and guardians can install Mobile Spy monitoring software in the iPhone and know all the updates conveniently from their personal online control panel. With the ease to check their kids’ iPhone activities anywhere and anytime, parents are less worried and can take measurable steps whenever a need arises.

Mobile Spy iPhone monitoring software allows parents to see all websites that kids are accessing online through their mobile phones. It enables monitoring of iPhone activity such as records all chats, emails, photos, videos, apps usage, apps installed, contacts, call info and SMS text messages. This monitoring software gives parents access to the social life of their kids where they can see everything that they post and share on Facebook or YouTube. With many apps like Instagram and NetFlix, our kids are using the internet for many things of which parents are unaware of. Not monitoring mobile app usage and internet surfing may end up into gambling, sexting, cyber bulling and even watching pornography. With Mobile Spy monitoring software now compatible and installed in iPhone 5, none of these can destroy our children’s minds.

The term “Jailbreak” is quite popular and a well practiced norm today as it opens a world of opportunities for everyone on the iPhone 5 or other iOS 6 device. Most importantly, it helps the customer to benefit from a world renowned iPhone monitoring software like Mobile Spy. After jailbreaking an iPhone, a user can also help in customizing the iPhone screen and other functions. The iPhone 5 is a great product but with many limitations, basically in the approval process of Apple’s App Store, many apps don’t find its official entry there.

With completing the jailbreak process, consumers also enjoy freedom to download apps and install apps that allow children as well to text through special messaging apps and to connect a Bluetooth keyboard for typing school notes. They can have quick music controls in place and even play videos as a wall paper with third-party apps. Among all the benefits of the new jailbreak for iPhone 5, the most important is the ability to install a reliable smartphone monitoring software like Mobile Spy for the utmost safety of kids.

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