Social Media Effect: Nourishing Or Ruining Your Children’s Minds

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4 Dec 2012

Is social media helping or hurting kids’ growth? While many believe social media helps kids by building self esteem and gaining knowledge, there are certain negative influences on their young minds which cannot be ignored. 

Children of our times have a benefit of technology by their side, they can do a lot of things with more ease and power than generations preceded to them. One of which is the birth of social media that has enabled social communications to become instant and vastly accessed by anyone through internet. One can also call it a ‘new age media’ as nothing like that has ever existed in the history of human communications. But now it has become more than just a communication tool and started to affect the lives of children in various ways both beneficial and hazardous.

When the social media junction had become an accessible place for children, they use til their heart’s content. As the nature of children is innocent and free, they found networking sites to be of huge interest. Facebook, which is one of the leading social networking sites, has the highest number of children’s presence on it. Children love to do on the internet what Facebook claims to provide as a ‘Human experience’. This experience varies over the forms of sharing, announcements, chatting, stalking and knowing more and more people and at times befriending them. A Facebook friend does not really have to be a friend, it’s that convenience which children make the best use of and gain vast acquaintances.

Whether or not children happen to really learn anything on these sites is a subject of ambiguity. Where children get the access of rushing activity around them on social media, it also gives them a platform to express themselves. A simple idea sometimes travels too fast on the social media sphere, but one can’t really hold social media responsible or dependable to instill any amount of learning in children of our nation. The few Facebook likes on their status and gathering a huge number of friends may do well for their self esteem but real life lessons are learned by being out there and getting things done.

It also cannot be neglected that social media is increasingly becoming dangerous for our children. Children whose internet activities aren’t monitored by parents are always on the verge of being victimized by online predators.

Their tablets which parents provide for learning and enhancing communications are often used for illicit activities like sharing inappropriate pictures with others, chatting with strangers and leaking personal information, internet gambling and what not. Recent cyber crimes have worried parents of how easily anyone can harm or humiliate their children by just being on the internet. Parents install tablet monitoring software in their tablets so as to monitor many of their tablet activities with PeekTab. This brilliant tablet monitoring software helps parents to keep their children safe from online dangers. It provides parents with various tablet activities including websites visited, GPS locations, apps installed, photos and many other outstanding features.

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